Melissa is an inspirational trainer who will motivate you and help you accomplish things you never thought possible. When I lived in Tampa I lost 25 lbs and several inches in my waist, hips, etc. Melissa helped me change my eating habits, and outlook on life. When I moved back to NC in 2014, I didn’t join a gym and let some of the lbs come back. Melissa stepped into action and created a custom diet plan for me to follow along with supplements and suggested a gym that was close to what we used to do at Berry Fit. She motivated me with facetime sessions, phone calls and texts! I’m now at my goal weight and in the best shape of my life, and am on my way to breaking 20:00 in the 5k.

Michelle Clark

Berry Fit is a unique fitness space offering customized client options from the in-depth and knowledgeable perspective of the owner and trainer, Melissa. Her attention to detail and uplifting spirit inspire client loyalty and goal achievement that is both fun and rewarding. At a low point in my life, where I was uninspired to work on my fitness, Melissa inspired me and supported my goals. Little by little I found my way back to fitness and felt at home with the Berry Fit community she continues to cultivate.


I had tried personal training at different gyms in the past, but was not truly satisfied with my results. As you can imagine, I was skeptical to try it again due to my past experience.

However, from the moment I met Melissa, I knew she was a person that could help me achieve my goals.

I have been very impressed by her passion to help clients and, her knowledge of the health and fitness industry. Melissa truly wants to see all of her clients become a success story. She is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them.

She encourages and motivates me to do better, and live a healthy life style. I have been challenged and pushed by Melissa, and she has taught me a great deal. She makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals.

Allison Strok

Awesome owners who practice what they teach, spotless facility, and inspirational vibe. I love it!

Susanne Feigum

I’ve trained with Melissa for about four months now and I’m so excited about the way my body is transforming. All of the little things Melissa has us doing in class really add up to noticeable changes. I’m hopeful and optimistic that with each weigh-in and measurement, I’m one step closer to my goal weight.

Morgan Rotberg

The best trainer ever!! You will not be disappointed but amazed at the results Melissa is capable of!!

Brian Richardson

Berry Fit has the best and most attentive and sweet trainers in the Tampa Bay area. I’ve tried a variety of fitness classes locally from pole dancing to hot yoga. Melissa and her team genuinely care about her students and she goes the extra mile to work with you and ensure results. If you want to be in the best fit of your life and feel healthy and develop good habits, train with Berry Fit. The classes are both men and women, and everyone gets challenged and it’s kept fun and supportive every class. I feel very lucky to have found her and to train with her and her team.

Yvelisse Cedrez

In the last year I have been training with Melissa and eating according to her nutritional plans, the change in my overall demeanor and healty lifestyle has proven to give me more energy and a better outlook on how important being healthy really is. I have seen her make amazing progress with others in the gym by giving them great direction and one on one training that has exceeded many of their goals. I highly recommend her to all shapes and sizes no matter what age you are. Melissa has touched so many of her clients in such a positive way, I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for all of us to improve our lifestyle.

Herman Torres

I have been training with Berry Fit for about 5 years and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I now make better lifestyle choices and understand the correct nutrition to help me reaching my goals.

When I first started training with Melissa and followed her nutrition and workout plan I lost 30 pounds and was the same weight I was in High School. About two years ago life stress made it difficult for me to be consistent and it affected my eating and training habits which made me gain back 15 pounds. Melissa was consistent in efforts to educate me and assure me to follow the program and recommendations she had for me to get me back on track. Although I was resistant to listen to her for some time, I finally gave in. I followed her customized nutrition and supplement plan she made for me and in less than two months I have seen dramatic results. In that short time I have lost 13 pounds and several inches, the knee problems I once had are now gone now. I have more energy and a more positive attitude in all aspects of my life.

Training at Berry Fit is not only about working out. The nutritional counseling and individual support Melissa offers goes a long way. I really enjoy bonding with the people in the group classes, I feel we holding each other accountable. I love my Berry Fit family and I can’t see myself training with any other trainer!!!

LaChrista Heape

Best trainer I have ever had!

Melinda Carson

Couldn’t be happier training with Melissa Berry and the BerryFit team!! I spent a long time debating about starting a workout program and how to go about it. I met Melissa almost a year ago while she was hosting a supplement/fitness seminar where I work. After meeting her I knew she was how I was going to start my workout program! She has the right attitude and the perfect approach to a healthy lifestyle! BerryFit is easily approachable for people of all fitness levels. I was very much a beginner and I didn’t feel intimidated at all starting out, and shortly after starting I fit right in with the more advanced clients. Melissa and the team are motivating and supportive, work with all types
types of schedules, and will customize your workouts to each person’s individual needs! One of my favorite benefits is that not only is this a workout program, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. You immediately start looking and feeling better, which motivates you to make better diet and lifestyle choices and set goals that you can stick to for long term. So far I’ve lost 26 pounds, countless inches and dropped 3 pant sizes – and not stopping now. Melissa and BerryFit are amazing and make working out fun!! Highly recommend!!! 🙂

Ashleigh Cunningham