Personal Training Services

We are certified personal trainers with expertise in total body conditioning. From experienced athlete to post-pregnancy weight loss we customize your training regimen to your needs and abilities. We emphasize a full body workout to increase overall health and cardiovascular strength. Fun and functional workouts are created with a variety of equipment from kettle bells, TRX, ropes, free weights, bands, Lateral Helix Trainer, and even some things you may have never seen before! We promise your training will be anything but average or boring… that’s just not our style

Which Program Is Best For You?

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Berry Fit offers many services, we can customized any and all of our offerings.

Our training and consulting services include:

  • Fitness Assessment
  • A workout routine that keeps you guessing and sweating
  • A routine that gives immediate results. When you see the pounds drop, you are motivated keep exercising.
  • A dietary/nutrition plan that you can follow. If you don’t eat right all your hard work will be for nothing.
  • A trainer who will make you sweat with a smile.
  • Frequent weigh-ins and body measurements so you can track your success and be honest about your effort.
  • Custom workout routines
  • Specialized diets
  • Photo Shoot/ Special Events/ Contest Prep
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Supplement Recommendation