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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition consults are a 1hr consultation and up to 12 follow up appointments for the remaining 12 weeks.

 Goals are set immediately in the initial consult.

 For example, if you are not sleeping well (at least 7-8hrs) or drinking enough water (at least 3L/day), those would be two areas we would focus on immediately until you receive meal plan.

 Those goals would continue there after as well. Small things such as water and sleep can make or break a person’s nutrition, health, and sport specific or exercise goals.

 Paperwork is sent ahead of time (i.e. health history, etc). You will need to fill out this paperwork and bring with you to the scheduled session.

We go through other nutritional paperwork that helps me to determine your needs. We also have clients come with questions (if there are any) so your coach can answer them at the time of consultation. If questions arise after, you are more than welcome to email/text/call. Also, please bring a list of supplements/vitamins/medications you are taking, if applicable. Also bring a description of your training/exercise (days/times/intensity/duration/etc).

After the initial session, a meal plan is prepared (if appropriate or needed) for the individual. The meal plan is sent over email in PDF form within one week of the initial consult.

The client then reviews meal plan and asks questions if necessary. The meal plan is made from scratch, it is not computer software generated. This is how we prefer.

People need to ‘like’ the foods they are eating in order to be successful in their daily dietary habits. You should not feel cranky or hungry on the meal plan. It should also support training/exercise and recovery.

We understand people not wanting to count calories and the meal plan eliminates all this frustration and stress.

Your coach is also available through email/text/call thereafter with short questions. If issues arise soon after (enough to sit down again for an hour), a follow up sessions needs to be scheduled.

It is important that we make sure you are making progress painlessly.


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