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Melissa Jo Berry

Melissa Jo Berry

Melissa Jo Berry found her life’s passion when she least expected it. After attending many health & fitness conventions held in Miami Florida for fun on her vacation time. It dawned on her that with the amount of time she spent reading, researching and attending health and wellness events, that she was ready to immerse herself in the industry by changing her career to become a personal fitness trainer in 2006.  

It took no time for her to build and maintain her clientele due to her natural way of  connecting with her clients. Her passion to help people obtain a happier and healthier life is highly recognized and appreciated by all.

Melissa is not just a personal trainer, she is a student of life!

She practices the most  modern and effective programs by continuing her education in yoga, fitness, health and nutrition. Her passion also stems from some of her own experiences with her health. After going through some tough life experiences, Melissa found her energy was extremely low and her weight continuously going up. It was near impossible for her to get any answers from the many doctors she spent countless hours with. Due to the fact that she is industry of health and fitness, this caused her to be even more frustrated. With an eagerness to get to the bottom of her declining health she had found herself diagnosed with PCOS. This diagnoses wasn’t an easy one to come up with, it wasn’t considered a common diagnoses for someone like herself. After learning what this illness was about, she became even more curious as to how this could happen to someone who thought was doing “everything right”. Melissa had a positive attitude throughout the whole experience. She knew that this was an opportunity to learn from and to help others in anyway possible.

Those who have know Melissa over the years have been able to see not only her passion but the growth in her knowledge. She has been a true inspiration to those who know and work with her.        

Since founding Berry Fit, she has helped hundreds in the Tampa Bay area and more all over the U.S. achieve their health and wellness goals.